The Good Ol' Days

In the late 1940s, I can remember the families of the church going to Granddad & Grandma Fancher's on the 4th of July. They lived on the Wabash River east of Iola. Bro. Hira Byers, Hollie Fancher, Roy Hanson, Carl Harrell, Clint Smith, Willard and Herman Dawkins, along with others would put nets in the river one evening and then the next day would pull them out. This was a great sport for these men. Their challenge was to see who would hog for fish. To hog, one goes underneath water, running your hand way up in the hollow logs and around them, feeling for fish. Roy Hanson loved this. The fish were cleaned brought to the house and cooked over an open fire in a huge pot. The ladies brought some mighty fine food also. We had some great cooks.

Later on when the men were older and didn't' feel so tough, we would all get in our cars and drive to Cave-In-Rock. Here they would buy the fish and we would cook them over fires also.

Also I remember the wiener roast that Lawson and Mavis Byers had for years. This was mainly for the young people. It was always held in the pasture east of the house on the edge of a babbling brook.

Bro. Roy Hanson must have had a great love the young people. He was faithful to God and the church. He taught Sunday School for years. His goal was to get them to church so he could tell them about Jesus. There were always rewards for perfect attendance. There were lots of outings and time spent at their house also. We would play ball, kick the can, ride calves—not horses, and try to break the dog from chasing cars. In the winter there were sled rides on car hoods.

If we were bored on the weekend, we would just peddle our bike to Iola to Sis. Nina Durre's house. On Sunday there would be 30 children running around Grandma Gertie or Sis. Nina's. I always felt I was part of the family. We would play ball or croquet. If we got into a dispute, Sis. Nina always got it straightened out.

In the late 40's, Rev. Bill Brandon was holding a revival (healing campaign) in a tent in Vandalia for Bro. Reeter. In my early childhood I ran high fevers and would lay lifeless for days. My dad was really shook because he had already lost a son. He always said Bonnie had great faith. So they headed over to Vandalia one night to the healing crusade. When they got there, they found out Bro. Brandon had already left the area. Dad sat in the car crying and mom found Bro. Reeter who came to the car and prayed for me. Immediately God healed me and to this day I have never ran a high fever. God is so good.

as written by Sis. Ruth Fancher Zumbahlen

Healed in 1999 of migraine headaches.

To God be the glory!

Published in the Calvary Chronicle Special Edition

Volume No. 6, Issue No. 1, Date: 06/03/01


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good to read cousin. Thanks for sharing
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