Michael & Phyllis Durre

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Michael D. Durre became pastor of Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle of Iola in December  1979, and continues to pursue the vision and dreams God placed in his heart to reach the community of Clay County.

His ministry began at age 33 when he preached his first sermon, and shortly thereafter he began evangelizing throughout the southern part of Illinois.  Pastor Durre was born and raised here in Iola. As a young teen, he attended Iola Pentecostal Church and was baptized in Jesus name and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. He has been a minister with the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) for well over 40 years.

Pastor Durre is passionate about God, family, and church. He loves being a husband, father, “Poppa” and pastor. In 1963, at a rally in Salem, Illinois he met the love of his life, Phyllis Bolinger, and in August of that next year they were married. From the beginning, Phyllis assumed the role as lead administrator and music director for the work in Iola.  She has also spent a great amount of time teaching new converts and helping disciple individuals with their walk with God.

Ministering alongside the Durres are their children including son-in-law and daughter, Michael and Tracee Bryant; son and daughter-in-law, Guye and Rhonda Durre; daughter-in-law Carrie Durre; son-in-law and daughter, Paul and Stephanee Smith. Their son, Wade, awaits them all in heaven. The Durres are also very proud to be called Nonna and Poppa by thirteen grandchildren and four great-grandkids.


Minister of Music

Phyllis Durre

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Sister Durre has been singing since she was three years old and playing the piano since she was six. Her love for music has taken her many places. She was involved in directing the choir and playing the keyboard at the Pentecostal Church in Gainesville, Florida; she was the music director for the group, Sounds of Pentecost, in Salem, Illinois; she has played at many Illinois Camp meetings and even at General Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Sister Durre has given piano lessons to many over the years and while she has retired from doing that, she continues to play every service here at Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle. She brings a special sound and life to music!

Site & Sound Technician

Sam Alwardt

Sam Alwardt has been our Sight & Sound Technician since shortly after he began attending Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle in 2002. He has the heart of a servant and the talent of a genius - anything we ask for, he can produce! His his vast knowledge of the computer and sound system equipment has been a tremendous blessing to this church. 

Retired Minister

Rev. James Baird

Bro. Baird graduated North Clay Community High School in Louisville, Illinois. Later he attended Pentecostal Bible Institute in Tupelo, Mississippi. He graduated his third year and was president of his class and valedictorian of his graduating class. In 1964 he married Mary Worley from Dyersburg, Tennessee. Their first church pastorate was in Foley, Alabama. In 1967 they moved to Burlington, North Carolina to assist Rev. S. E. Pylant and later became the pastor of that church. They also assisted Rev. B. A. Spell in Baton Rouge, Lousianna. Bro. Baird helped in a home mission church in Orlando, Florida; started a church in Pekin, Illinois; pastored in Swainsboro and Eastman, Georgia; started a home mission church in Taylorsville, Mississippi; and pastored for six years in Ashland, Wisconsin. His last church to pastor was in Fairfield, Illinois for eight years. He evangelized when he was not pastoring. At the present time, he and his wife are attending Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle in Iola, Illinois pastored by Rev. Michael Durre. Bro. Baird accepted his call to the ministry when he was only 19 years old (1961) and is still going strong!

Lay Minister

Michael Bryant

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Michael Bryant, originally of Aurora, Illinois accepted his call to the ministry in 1987. He married Tracee Durre in 1989 and they began attending the Pentecostal church in Iola in 1990. Michael is also a worship and praise leader.

Administrative Assistant

Tracee Bryant

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The "Go-To" person ~ Tracee has been the administrative assistant at CAT since 1998, providing various kinds of support to the different departments. She came here in 1979 with her parents, Pastor and Sister Durre and married Michael Bryant of Aurora, Illinois in 1989.

Bible Quizzing Coach, Team Captain (3)

Erin Byers

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Erin has attended Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle since 1980...basically since she was a little girl! She is currently a teacher in our Sunday School department (since 1993) and a Bible Quizzing coach (since 2015). She is also a Ladies Team Captain (since 2014).

Team 3

EmmaLee Bryant

Lauren Bryant

Tracee Bryant

Janet Byers

Chandra Eckelberry

Charla Proctor

Sarah Higgs

Rita Turner 

Rhonda Tweedle

Lay Minister & Men's Fellowship Leader

Guye Durre

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Guye is the eldest son of Pastor & Sister Durre. He was only 10 years old when they took the pastorate here in Iola in 1979. In 1991 he married Rhonda VanSlyke of Lansing, Michigan and in 2014 he accepted his call to the ministry. As well as being Hyphen Pastor and Lay Minister, Guye is over the Men's Fellowship group at Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle.

Hyphen Pastors

Guye & Rhonda Durre

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Guye was 10 years old when his father, Pastor Durre, took the pastorate in Iola in 1979. He married Rhonda VanSlyke from Cold Water, Michigan in 1991 and they were our Youth Pastors for 23 years. Beginning in January of 2018, they began a new ministry in our church with the "Hyphen" group. This is all singles, ages 18 - 30.

Hospitality Department

Nancy Hodges

Nancy Hodges has been a dedicated, faithful member of Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle for many years. She is in charge of our Hospitality Department. Her love for this church family is evident in her service to us!


Donna Horath

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Donna has faithfully attended Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle since 1985 and has been the church's secretary/treasurer since 1991. 

Team Captain (2)

Donna Lewis

Donna has attended Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle since 1984. She has been a Ladies Team Captain since 1987 and has been responsible for the interior decorating of our church for many years. 

Team 2

Pam Alwardt

Johanna Alwardt

Mary Baird

Carole Cushman 

Rhonda Durre

Tabitha Durre

Carrie Durre

Dana Flowers

Sarah Flowers

Queda Headlee

Suzie Higgs

Brittany McKnelly

Ruthann Smithson

Bible Quizzing Coordinators & Youth Pastors

Andrew & Victoria Pauley

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Victoria & Andrew are the Bible Quizzing Coordinators (since 2015) & were the Assistant Youth Pastors (5 years) here at Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle. Beginning January of 2018, they became the Youth Pastors. Victoria is Pastor & Sister Durre's eldest granddaughter and grew up in this church. Andrew, formerly of Mattoon Apostolic Center has been attending here since 2010. 

Lay Minister & Jr. Youth Pastor

Damian Proctor

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Damian Proctor came to the Lord in 2001. He married his wife, Charla King in 2003. He accepted his call into the ministry in 2004. In 2006 his family began attending CAT where he now serves as a Lay Minister and as the Jr. Youth Pastor in Iola, Illinois. He strongly believes in the Power of God and that we should “Train up a child in the way he should go.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Jr. Youth Pastors

Damian & Charla Proctor

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Damian and Charla Proctor have attended Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle since 2006. They have been our Jr. Youth pastors for almost all of those years! They are also active in our Sunday School Department as teachers.

Lay Minister

Paul Eugene Smith

Paul Eugene Smith began attending Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle in 1999. He married Stephanee Durre in 2000 and accepted his call to the ministry in 2010. In addition to being a Lay Minister here in Iola, he is Chaplain for the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police.

Multi Media Coordinator, Bible Quiz Coach & Team Captain (1)

Stephanee Smith

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Stephanee, the youngest child of Pastor & Sister Durre, has attended Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle since 1979...since she was a baby. She is the Multi Media coordinator (2012) and a Bible Quizzing coach (2015). She is also a Ladies Team Captain (2012).

Team 1

Deb Bowen

Bonnie Byers

Katie Byers

Sara Byers

Nancy Hodges

Donna Horath

Victoria Pauley

Helen Smith

Betty Teague

Kim Teague

Jodi Westendorf

Ruth Zumbahlen

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